Where To Get Affordable Dental Implants That Last

affordable dental implants

Looking for where to get affordable dental implants can be challenging. Finding the right dentist for a tooth replacement is an easy task to accomplish if you have an unlimited budget. However, if you seek an affordable dental solution, you may have to look outside your country. This post will show you where to get sustainable dentistry that won’t leave a dent in your wallet.

Affordable Dental Implants

Although the choice of dental care shouldn’t be based entirely on costs, pricing is still an important factor. The cost of a single implant in Europe averages £2,000 per tooth. In the United States, the figure notches higher, ranging between $3,000 to $7,000 for a single implant. These cut-throat charges often do not include the amount charged for an abutment and dental veneer. That is why many seek premium dental care in countries with affordable healthcare. Thanks to the cheap cost of dental treatment in Turkey many have made the country their preferred medical destination.

Cost of Dental Care in Turkey

From medical implants to cosmetic dentistry, dental care is far more affordable in Turkey than in most parts of Europe and the United States. You can get lumineers for about £250 per tooth while such a service will cost you twice the price in the US and most western European countries. Turkey also offers affordable veneer treatments. A zirconium veneer in Turkey costs about £200. This service is a lot less expensive than in other countries. You can also request veneer materials that can complement your eco-friendly fashion. Dental surgeries in Turkey are quite cheap too. The requirements of the treatment determine the amount charged for such dental surgeries. Typically, the cost of this treatment ranges from £20 for a simple tooth extraction to £600 for an open sinus lift. The cost differ based on the condition of the patient.

Average Cost of Dental Implant in Turkey

Turkey is unarguably the ideal destination for affordable dental implants, ranging between £350 to £800 for an implant. Poland is another great location for cheap dental implants. The average cost of an implant in Poland is about £830, just £30 more than the average price in Turkey.

3 Affordable Ways To Take Care of Your Teeth

Getting dental care is expensive but necessary. You can avoid spending excessively on dental care if you adopt some sustainable habits for your oral hygiene. Keep your teeth healthy by eating crunchy fruits and vegetables. In addition to their health benefits, fruits contain healthy fibre, which is great for your teeth. You can also improve your dental health by reducing your intake of acidic and sugary substances. Sugars convert to acids in the mouth. Prolonged exposure to acids can erode tooth enamel which ultimately leads to cavities. You can therefore prevent cavities by reducing your sugar intake. Finally, do not go to bed without brushing your teeth.

Affordable Dental Implants

Due to the exponential hike in the cost of dental implants in most parts of Western Europe, the UK, and the US, it is necessary to seek affordable alternatives. Instead of paying at least $1000 per tooth, you can get more affordable dental care from countries like Turkey, Poland, or the Czech Republic without sacrificing health care. You can also save on spending thousands of dollars by adopting some easy-to-do dental habits.