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Pre-loved graduates to haute couture

Second chance saloon

People are angry that the fashion industry, for all its influence, isn’t leading the fight for sustainability worldwide. Historically the clothing industry was at the forefront of abusive and damaging practices: from the unfettered use of leather and particularly the damaging and carcinogenic ingredients in all the different tanning and dying processes.

Time to reassess our values

One way of making amends is to wholeheartedly support the recycling and upcycling of garments. This is obviously in addition to straightening up and flying right in their own processes, with more earth-friendly manufacturing, also re-using fabric, rubber and other base materials like Nike is currently doing in a stunning fashion. Just do it, but the right way.

There are entire markets dedicated to the repurposing of pre-loved clothing. Your cast-offs could be my new favourite. This way we also keep the introduction of new products to a minimum, but it will require a mind-shift and buy-in from the manufacturer who would typically just mass produce more cheaply-made products to keep the turnover ticking.

Time to turn a new leaf, fashion.

We are at the dawn of a new and more responsible era for all. The fashion industry, in exactly the way it has led conversations for years, the way they have set the trends, is in pole position right now. This is a one-time opportunity: be more accountable, be a leader.