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Sustainable Fashion
in Dublin

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You have probably heard the term “sustainable fashion”, but what does it mean to you? Sustainable fashion in Dublin is all about designing, manufacturing, distributing and using environmentally friendly clothing. Another related term you have likely come across is “ethical fashion.” The term is used to refer to clothes manufactured in ways that promote worker rights and value social welfare.

Ethical fashion for vegans refers to the avoidance of animal fibres, leather, and pelts in clothing. Environmentalism goes with employing socially acceptable practices. But sustainable fashion and ethical fashion are intricately tied together. We know that most fashion today is not sustainable. So, how can you help? At Re-dress we offer simple tips on how to dress in an environmentally friendly way. We are all about supporting a more environmentally friendly fashion industry!

Fashion companies are responsible for changing how they produce, distribute, and market their products for greater sustainability. We believe fashion houses can drive sustainable consumption patterns. For example, some companies are now providing second-hand fashion items, or lease fashion accessories and clothing. Others have gone beyond that!

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Why We Need Sustainable Fashion in Dublin

At Re-dress the word sustainable means a capacity to sustain the product. Therefore, the sustainable fashion industry in Dublin operates in ways that continue working for decades. Unfortunately, most fashion is designed for fast consumption at rock-bottom prices. This leads shoppers to view clothing as another disposable item that needs a replacement for trendier options.

A fast fashion cycle is not sustainable. It is depleting the Earth’s natural resources quickly, exploiting workers all over the world, and resulting in a massive amount of land and resources waste. It is time we bring attention to issues caused by fast fashion consumption and encourage brands and consumers to be accountable for the environmental and social impacts of choices they make.

Cheers to a More Sustainable Fashion Future

It is easy to make fashion more sustainable. This includes using biodegradable dyes, organic materials, and even engineering zero waste production patterns. However, this can make sustainable shopping overwhelming at first. To help you, consider those environmental and social concerns you are most passionate about and prioritise them as you enter the sustainable fashion market.

The fashion world is still learning how to elevate its environmental and social standards. As the movement evolves, you can focus on doing better continuously. This is compared to searching for and expecting perfection right now. What should you look for as you green your wardrobe slowly?

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How to Support the Sustainable Fashion Industry

Look for clothing that uses natural materials such as cellulose fibres, wool, leather, and silk. Materials such as hemp, organic cotton, and linen are more environmentally friendly than others. We can also grow some plant and wool fibres in regenerative ways, so they regenerate healthy soils and control carbon. Sustainable fashion in Dublin from plant-based cellulose fibres should have organic certifications for ethical practices.

Sustainable fashion in Dublin must come from pre-existing materials. This means they do not require extraction of new resources but use materials that would have otherwise ended up as landfill. Consider the environmental impact of the textile and dyes process. Eco-friendly dyes include those from digital printing and require less water. Choose locally made clothing to reduce the high carbon footprint associated with shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are just entering the market or already practising mainstream, sustainable fashion is an integral fashion industry component. Various online and offline courses provide an overview and in-depth instruction on sustainable fashion design practices.

These are clothes made with a mindful consideration of environmental, social, and economic factors. Sustainable fashion in Dublin comes from businesses that give their workers safe working conditions, a living wage, and monitor their impact on the environment. These are fashion companies that use more sustainable materials and are actively reducing resources throughout the product cycles of their clothes.

Yes. Our pick of the best sustainable clothing brands to shop for now offers an enormous collection that is anything but boring. We offer recommendations for green and sustainable shoes, clothing, and others. When you invest in these pieces, you are playing a critical role in reducing the industry’s carbon footprint and implementing ethical practices – without compromising on style!