Eco-friendly Fashion Trends In Ireland

Sustainable Fashion in Dublin by Re-dress

If you have been wondering how to live and dress consciously, recycled clothing from Re-dress-Dublin might be just the thing to get you started. Sustainable fashion is not only easy on your wallet but helps the environment too. Here is everything you need to know about why eco-friendly trends in Ireland are so important.

Understanding Textiles That Are kind on the environment.

Sustainable fashion involves designing, manufacturing, and distributing clothing that has an environmental and ethical appeal. Whereas numerous fashion brands promote fast and high street fashion for its megabucks, it’s not environmentally friendly nor sustainable. A lot of unwanted clothing is ending up in landfills that hurt the earth’s atmosphere by continually churning out greenhouse gases. Buoyed by the publicity afforded to them by celebrities, major fashion brands have, until recently, engaged in the unethical trade of skins, wool, cashmere, and fur.

It’s not just about minimising animal slaughter. There are other reasons to choose sustainable fashion. Of the world’s 3% supply of freshwater, only a meager 0.5% is available for use. Water bodies, including freshwater sources, are continually being polluted by chemical and plastic waste. Due to a campaign by People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) to prohibit the senseless slaughter of animals for their fur, many popular brands turned to faux fur as an alternative. However, faux fur is made from non-biodegradable synthetic material. This poses a danger to plant and animal life. You should therefore avoid brands that use harmful fabrics like acrylic, nylon, and polyester. Human lives are in danger too. Even now, wildfires raging in France, Greece, Russia, and Algeria have claimed many lives and released toxic carbon into the atmosphere. Unexpected floods in Germany and Belgium have caused more unfortunate deaths. Scientists have attributed such problems to environmental destruction.

Our Remedy

Thanks to what has been over time championed as trendy, the textile industry is now among the top 10 most polluting industries in the world. You only have to look at the high prices artificial mink coats sell for albeit being produced at minimal cost to know that high street fashion is profit-driven with reckless disregard for the earth’s well-being. Re-dress has taken a bold step to remedy this trend. We vibrantly support brands that are not money-hungry and make natural or recycled clothing in ways that are friendly to the environment. Check out our blog to learn about eco-friendly fashion trends and brands in Ireland.