Young woman shopping for clothes

Let's Re-dress!

From Inishtrahull Island to Brow Head, County Cork, Re-dress combs the entire stretch of Ireland in search of environmentally-friendly clothing ideas. In a world that dwells on fast fashion, our focus is on promoting sustainable clothing in Ireland. Fast fashion has played a dominant role in the degradation of our environment for centuries. From cheap and trendy to mass-produced products that openly hide dark secrets on the harmful effects they have on the lives of those who make them and the planet itself, we’ve got you covered. These clothes are made of non-biodegradable materials like polyester in foreign sweatshops and brought over to Irish consumers through questionable supply chains.

Re-dress is focused on a fashion reawakening. While many are unaware of the damage caused by most high-street fashion brands, we understand that an equally significant number intentionally feigns ignorance. As long as there is patronage, these brands will continue to infiltrate the Irish market with these low-quality products. Re-dress helps you find alternatives, merging recycled clothing fashion designers with an ever-enlarging market.

We Stand For Ethical Fashion

We firmly believe in supporting brands whose ethics prioritise ethical values and sustainability over profit. You are an integral part of that revolution. By supporting ethical fashion, you play a role in curbing the proliferation of environmentally damaging clothing. Our planet stands to lose more than 80% of its clean water to chemical pollutants within the next two decades if there is no drastic action.

Our supported brands are makers of animal-friendly clothing, wears made from repurposed or recycled waste, using materials that leave a minimal carbon footprint. The textile industry is currently the second biggest global pollutant, and Redress is on a mission to change that narrative. Our humble appeal is that you join us.

We Are Destroying The Environment

By allowing the market dominance of cheap, trendy fashion with zero ethical values, we are all destroying our planet. This responsibility is shared by us all and cannot be isolated. Beyond being inexpensive and of low-quality, fast fashion makes more clothes than the world truly needs. This insatiable need for clothing is satisfied by companies utilising cheap labour, working in inhumane conditions, miles away from their intended markets.

Besides denying workers a living wage, these companies use enormous amounts of pollutants and water to grow the cotton and make the polyester, nylon and acrylic, used in our clothing. Our overconsumption of clothing is also creating a huge waste pile from tons of clothing disposed of daily.

How Can We Save Our Planet?

Saving our planet is a collective decision that starts with each and every one of us. Carry out background checks on your favourite brands. Brands that lack a transparent supply chain on their websites usually have something to hide. Materials that clothing is made of also plays a defining role in deciding how ethical a brand is. Avoid brands that use materials that leave a significant carbon footprint like acrylic, nylon and polyester.

The Re-dress sustainable fashion in Dublin team is here to aid this revolution. We are forging a bridge connecting fashion brands with high ethos with environmentally conscious individuals. You can be a part of this change too. Buy only what you need, and from sustainable fashion brands. Be vocal. Spread the message. We are in a race against time to save the planet. It’s about time we woke up.