Sustainable Winter Coats

Fashion That Is Environmentally Friendly And Chic!

When it comes to recycled clothing, gone are the days of drab or ill-fitting items. Nowadays, we can look forward to coats that offer not only substance and warmth, but feel really good when you wear them. Be it an investment piece or what’s hot right now, our site is all about where to find environmentally-friendly clothing and fashion designers in Ireland.

Saving Our Planet Is So Hot!

Whether you are looking for fashionable or formal, or cosy and casual, sustainability is the right choice. You can wear your coat, year after year, or spend a small fortune on it, knowing that it contributes to making our world a better place. And who doesn’t love a clear conscience AND buying cool clothes? It’s a win-win!

Most labels and designers of sustainable fashion have different causes which they sometimes base their designs on, so it’s up to you to choose what speaks to your core values. There are labels that are dedicated to ocean conservation, and thus use recycled fabrics for their clothing in order to look after our natural resources and lessen CO2 discharges.

Don’t Be A Fool, Choose Faux Fur.

Another great way to make sure your sustainable winter coats keep you warm is to look for labels that use faux fur, or fake fluffy down that is breathable. In fact, any range that states they are one hundred percent animal-free is a safe bet. What an incredible thing that not only will you be keeping warm, but protecting our furry and bird friends as well?