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BETTER FASHION schools project promotes long-term action for social & environmental change in the fashion industry. The program’s goal is to encourage student led action for change within the school and further understand their role as a consumer of fashion.

This year we want your school to become part of the global movement for change.

We have teamed up with Fashion Revolution to get Irish schools involved in a global campaign for human and environmental justice in the fashion industry.


Be part of it and attend our teacher workshop with Fashion Revolution Founder Carry Somers in Dublin on TUESDAY MARCH 7th 2017.

Re-dress will cover substitution teacher costs so that you can attend. We would invite you to bring students with you who you think would benefit from meeting Carry on the day and have an interest in a better fashion industry! (Biog below)

Email to book your place now. And hurry as we have limited places available.
The inter school workshop for teachers and students will show how development education issues can be tackled by looking at the product supply chain and real life consumption practices specifically in the fashion industry.


Re-dress are calling on students to become Better Fashion Ambassadors in schools around the country. All you need to do is email and we will deliver a FASHION REVOLUTION activity pack and workshop directly to a class in your school in January and February 2017.

We will be calling for interested students to become a BETTER FASHION AMBASSADOR and activate FASHION REVOLUTION in your school during April 2017.

Better Fashion Ambassadors will be invited to join their teacher at BETTER FASHION FUTURES WORKSHOP IN DUBLIN with Carry Somers of Fashion Revolution on March 7th


Fashion Revolution marks the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed over 1000 people making clothes bound mostly for Europe. This day has now become the focal point of a week of activity where we all ask   #whomademyclothes?

(During Fashion Revolution Week in 2016 (18-24th April), over 70,000 people around the world asked brands #whomademyclothes? )

BETTER FASHION schools project cycle is run by RE-DRESS.IE in co-operation with Fashion Revolution, Clean Clothes Campaign International and many other global organizations for change.

Re-dress is an education & communications organication that promotes a better fashion industry – an industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure. Since 2008 we’ve been working to bring better fashion to Irish consumers, students and educators acoross post primary and 3rd level.

Carry Somers/ Founder and Director Fashion Revolution

After a Masters in Native American Studies, Carry set up her fashion brand Pachacuti with the aim of creating sustainable, rural livelihoods drawing on the rich textile heritage of the Andean region.  Her designs have been shown at London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks and sold in some of the world’s foremost luxury stores. After becoming the first company in the world to be WFTO Fair Trade certified, Pachacuti piloted the EU Geo Fair Trade project to increase traceability and transparency in supply chains, mapping the GPS co-ordinates of each weaver’s house and the community plantations where the straw grows.  Carry was inspired to act after the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh.  Alongside co-founder Orsola de Castro, she now works full-time at Fashion Revolution.  Carry has contributed to several books and publications, won numerous awards for her work and met the Queen in recognition of her significant contribution to British business.

The Better Fashion Project 2017 has been funded through WWGS.


Active Citizen = Active Consumer: The Better Fashion Project 2016

Are you looking for interactive, exciting & relevant workshops for your students? Re-dress are delighted to be offering our Active Citizen = Active Consumer workshops.

2016 SCHOOLS WORKSHOPS: April 4th – May 13th 2016

Suitable for students ages 12-16yrs in Junior Cycle and Transition Year.
An engaging, multi-media workshop which explores conscious consumption will equip your students with the knowledge necessary to play an active role in changing the fashion and sportswear industry through conscious consumption, activism, and communication. By the end of our workshop, the students will be empowered with the knowledge that small changes can make big differences and that they can change more than their clothes.


This year we are excited to be offering breakfast briefings to teachers and staff members who are interested in integrating our workshop topics into their classroom activities. Over fresh coffee and croissants, we will bring you through the workshop the students will receive as well as open discussions on ways their new knowledge can be integrating into cross-curricular projects, activities or school events.

transition year better fashion ambassador TY student from our 2014 workshops

‘I gained a lot of information from the workshop. It made me realise that, as a young person of today, I am a consumer of tomorrow and will be for quite some time. At some point it will be up to my generation to target these problems, which is why I feel taking part in these workshops is great because it gives you an idea of how to go about tackling the problems. Re-Dress gave me a sense of empowerment and I feel it is crucial for the unethical facts of the world to be heard by more young people like me.’ 

– TY student, Newpark Comprehensive School

To book a workshop, please email answering the following questions:

Students join in for Fashion Revolution Day 2015Students from last years Better Fashion Workshops get active and ask Who Made My Clothes? as part of Fashion Revolution Day 2015

Re-dress has been committed to informing consumers of the social, environmental and economic effects of purchasing choices since 2008. With particular focus on the fashion and global garment sector, Re-dress provides the tools to question and challenge global production supply chains and to drive meaningful policy change within the sector, through active engagement with industry stakeholders, NGOs, labour rights organisations, government bodies and the public alike.
The Better Fashion Project 2016 has been funded through WWGS.