Reasons to Re-dress

We are all consumers, and fashion, like every other commodity industry, offers us the chance to be either responsible or irresponsible consumers. Taking the initiative to investigate whether the garments you buy are responsibly, ethically or sustainably produced means that your money can directly support developing communities, both socially and financially, but also, closer to home, you can support an industry that has a Gross Added Value of over €80 million and provides jobs to over 5,000 people.

Re-dress advocates for Better Fashion. Better Fashion: LASTS, it respects HUMAN RIGHTS and the limits of our NATURAL RESOURCES, it incorporates mindful DESIGN and is never satisfied with the status quo. Slow it down, make it last, love it; Better Fashion Starts with you!

Explore this section for more information on the environmental and human rights impacts of the fashion industry and what you can do to create Better Fashion.