(Fashion Evolution) 2009



Ireland’s second annual ethical fashion week, ‘FASHION EVOLUTION 2009’, took place in Dublin with the aim of re -dressing consumption patterns and habits and called for Irish consumers and industry leaders to get active through swapping, knitting, skilling-up, talking and learning.

‘FASHION EVOLUTION’ was an awareness campaign that focused on ethical and environmental issues within the Irish and international fashion industry. In a time of economic hardship, Fashion Evolution looked to lighten the load by offering entertaining and engaging alternatives to consumers of fashion, through a series of events, from a national clothes swap to a public exhibition of Irish design and interactive seminars.

‘FASHION EVOLUTION’ hosted a series of public and industry events and workshops including:

Other events throughout the week included:
The Fashion Breakthrough trade event in The Loft Market, an Ethical Fashion Show hosted by Fashion Breakthrough, an exhibition of Irish design by Fashion Breakthrough, guerrilla knitting and a 10% discount for in participating vintage shops around the city.

The economic climate forced a re-think of spending habits and a return to frugality and creativity in fashion. The 2009 event put a huge focus on educating and empowering the public through workshops and talks with the aim of encouraging consumers to get active and have fun.