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Generation Awake is all about making more responsible consumer choices and being aware of the consequences they have on the Earth’s natural resources. On the Consumption Guide on their site, the campaign offers useful information on how to be a more responsible fashionista. They look at how clothing is made from finite and valuable resources and offer a number of ways to minimize the damage which clothing consumption plays on the environment. These include:

Washing your clothes less – think that the more times you wear clothes between washes, the more water you will be saving.

Filling the drum and washing at 30c – Cotton washes at 30°C are designed to take a full drum of laundry so try to fill your machine.

Using less washing detergent and if possible opt for eco-friendly products – The powder you use for washing clothes eventually finds its way into rivers and seas. Some detergents contain inorganic nutrients like phosphates that can cause rapid growth of algae, resulting in water pollution. By using less detergent you can reduce the amount of phosphates that go down the drain into the ecosystem. Also, consider using organic detergents; their natural ingredients are much kinder to the water ecosystems they end up in.

Buying second-hand clothing and considering the possibility of renting or borrowing garments for a special event – A recent UK study found that we could spend just 10% of the money we spend buying new clothes on hiring high-end items, such as suits and dresses, and so save 1.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Teaching yourself to fix-it – before throwing something away, see if there is a way you could rejuvenate or fix it so that you can wear it again – Reusing objects cuts demand for natural resources, saves energy, reduces waste, and it saves you money.

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