Redress Better Fashion Workshop at UNICEF Youth Summit

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Jenna, one of our Redress Better Fashion Workshop participants wrote a piece on what the workshop meant to her.

‘The Re-Dress workshop took place in Dublin Castle on September 14th at the UNICEF Youth Summit 2014. We were split into 4 groups to discuss slogan ideas to spread the message of questioning what you buy and wear. The slogan that got the most votes was ‘What You Wear Might Not Be Fair’. We all cut letters out of material and glued them onto a banner spelling out our slogan. The banner was put up on show outside in Dublin Castle for by-passers to notice and read.

I felt the objective of this activity made a lot of sense. Displaying a banner with a strong slogan can be very thought provoking and it might happen to make people question what they are buying and wearing. It is an effective way of getting people thinking rather than shoving a leaflet in their hands or screaming out of a microphone.  It is not insulting people but simply putting the idea in their head that ironically/again what they wear ‘might not be fair’.

I gained a lot of information in the workshop. It made me realise that, as a young person of today, I am a consumer of tomorrow and will be for quite some time. At some point it will be up to my generation to target these problems, which is why I feel taking part in a workshop like Re-Dress, is great because it gives you an idea of how to go about tackling the problems.

What stuck with me most from the workshop was that as a buyer, I have the right to transparency- to ask questions of the brands, I now know that human rights and natural resources need far more respect and that by becoming a conscious consumer I can help make this happen.

Re-Dress gave me a sense of empowerment with the knowledge to go further with slowing down the industry and to improving the ethical and sustainability of the fashion world! Slowing down the industry will reveal the consequences that come with fast fashion and I feel it is crucial for the unethical facts of the world to be heard by more young people like me.’

– Jenna, 4th Year student, Newpark Comprehensive School

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