Meeting Vero

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We had the great honour of speaking with Shrimati Veero & Dr. Gulam Hyder in South Studios last night. It’s not often you get to sit face to face with people who are leading revolutions and effecting change; that’s no exaggeration.


Verro freed herself from slavery in the Pakistan cotton industry and has since freed her family and hundreds other from the bonds that act against the basic human right of freedom. Dr. Gulam’s NGO works with these freed labourers to retrain and start new lives…. Humbled and inspired. Read more about them here

Need inspiration? read about Verro, one of our speakers at Better Fashion Conversations on the 25th.With “two beds, five mattresses, cooking pots and a bank account with life savings of 2,800 rupees ($28)” to her name Kohli – once a bonded labourer in the cotton industry – is entering election fray in Pakistan..

Read the article in Reuters here.

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